When I was starting out, I went to many different types of workshops. (Seriously, a lot!). I loved being in an environment with others who shared my passion for photography and my desire to improve my skills. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that I love teaching others  all the tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. My workshops are always informal, energetic and fun and I provide note pads and all the slides of the workshop for participants to take home with them.

Beginners Workshop:  £250.00

So, you've got a camera but you're not sure how to use all the settings. You want to learn how to take more creative shots of your kids but can't understand why they come out blurry.  This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to get the best out of their camera and create images that are frame worthy.  (Popular with Moms).  The following topics will be covered over the course of *4 hours.

• Camera basics • Composition • Framing • Lighting • Critique of photos

Teen Workshop:  £199.00*

This workshop is targeted at teens who want to explore different genres of photography with their new camera but have limited knowledge where to begin.  The following topics will be covered over the course of *3 hours: (The maximum number of participants is up to 4 teens, and the price above is per person). *Price goes down to £150pp with minimum of 4 in the group.

• Camera basics • Composition • Framing • Lighting • Street Photography • Critique of photos

One to One training: £495.00

This workshop is targeted to the Amateur Photographer as well as those thinking of going pro. All participants must have a DSLR camera.  The following topics will be covered over the course of *4 hours:

• Camera settings • Composition • Framing • Lighting • Off camera flash • Posing women • Posing men • Software and light editing techniques • Critique of photos